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Carburetter Repair Kits & Spares

YOU CAN REPAIR OR REBUILD YOUR OWN CARBURETTER,  with a repair kit from FSC. Many common carburetter problems can be cured by replacing the fundamental parts contained in the repair kits, and cleaning out the carb before fitting new gaskets and seals.

Each kit comes with all the gaskets for your specific carburetter, a needle valve, seals and washers and, depending on the type of carburetter, accelerator pump diaphragm and economy diaphragm. Most also have an exploded diagram of the carburetter to help you dismantle and rebuild the unit.

Older carburetters will often have greater wear, usually identified by movement in the throttle spindle(s) and in some types distortion of the carburetter base. Replacing gaskets and cleaning out a carburetter with worn spindles will not always cure these carburetters - to get a good result you must repair wear in the spindle bearing and know how to carry out a more major rebuild properly. So we have designed a range of major repair kits to enable you to fully recondition your carburetter. 

As well as all the standard kit contents, a major repair kit includes a special reaming tool and bushes, so you can repair worn spindles.  The kits also include any extra parts which your carb usually needs and most importantly, full instructions written by our own restoration specialists, to guide you through a complete refurbishment.

For many carbs, the throttle spindle repair reamer and bush kits are available separately.

To find out about kits or spares for your carburetter, please CONTACT US. We will mail back quickly with all available options, including additional parts you might need.

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