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Reconditioned Carburetters

Many carburetters can be reliably reconditioned. They are often a good option when a new unit is too expensive or scarce. Our core business is rebuilding caburetters and we have exchange reconditioned units available for most vehicles. The comprehensive renovation process is designed to cover all aspects of each type of carburetter - returning it to full functionality.

Carburetters are decarbonised, acid cleaned, refaced, reamed and spindle bushed. Diaphragms, gaskets, seals, float valves etc. are renewed and components such as jets, injectors, solenoids, choke, are checked and replaced as needed during the rebuild and setup stage. Our reconditioned carburetters are supplied with gaskets for re-fitting - you need only trim the tickover and mixture.

If an exchange carburetter is not available. FSC can recondition your own, subject to condition and type. Simply send your unit to us and it will be quickly and safely returned, rebuilt.

To find out about a reconditioned carb for your vehicle, please CONTACT US, with all details of your vehicle and carburetter. We will mail back quickly with costs and options.

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