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Choke Conversion Kit's

AUTOMATIC CHOKES are often the cause of many carburetter related problems. A faulty automatic choke can result in bad hot and cold engine starting and will increase fuel consumption and emmissions.

If your choke is not coming on properly, or staying on too long, FSC can offer you several solutions. Usually we can supply a new or reconditioned carburetter and for many vehicles there will be the option to have one with manual choke. Or, we can supply you with new automatic choke parts, which can be used alongside a repair kit, to repair your carburetter.

For many carburetters, there are kits which allow you to replace an existing automatic choke with a new manual choke
mechanism. With a manual choke fitted, you can decide when the choke comes on or off, which can save fuel on urban driving
and helps in very hot or cold temperatures. These kits are easy to fit and come with instructions and of course a choke cable/knob. 

If you would like a manual choke kit for your carburetter please CONTACT US. We will reply quickly with all possible options.

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